City of Fuerteventura: Majanicho

The Enchanted Country

Travel in the history of Fuerteventura

Among the “strong (fuerte) – adventures” that you can try on the island, there are the long dirt trails to be done by car, to explore the wild inland landscapes or the oceanic coasts.

One of these is the route that connects Corralejo with El Cotillo, near the area of the Tostòn Lighthouse: It is a white coastal road, north of the island, which reveals incredible landscapes, fabulous beaches and many pleasant surprises.

About half of the way you can stop in this picturesque fishing village, called Majanicho. You cross it on foot, on paths of beaten ground, passing between the houses, the rocks, the cacti.

The first impression is that you are going through an enchanted place, where time has stopped: small rural houses remember the Wild West of the movies, people sit quietly sipping a beer and talking calmly. The village develops for some tens of meters embracing a small cove, with one of the most collected and romantic beaches of Fuerteventura.

The ocean is flat and transparent, the wind to the minimum: ideal for children, who can play on the shoreline, bathing without danger.

The shelters of the fishermen

A glance from above

I take tripod and camera and climb along the west Ridge, where some houses will enjoy the view.

From above the magical landscape of the country surrounds you, placed under enchantment against the spread of consumes and touristic society. I take some pictures, I enjoy a moment that seems eternal. The country that exists perhaps for twenty, thirty years, reminds me of a smile that I reconnect to a picture of Hemingway.

It would be nice that it never changed, that this magic would keep forever.

I try to set a time-lapse on the camera: when I look at it, they will only move the few, timid clouds in the sky.

[ipanorama slug=”playa-de-majanicho”]


Obviously you get to Majanicho also through the normal provincial roads: from Lajares There are indications to reach the little Pueblo, connected by a paved road.

There are no restaurants or other support services, only some houses, usually empty if not during the summer.

Majanicho celebrates the Madonna del Pino (Nuestra Señora del Pino), which celebrates every September at regular intervals.

In the summer months it is very easy that you can see the fishermen coming back with their boats: they start to clean the fish on some rustic benches immersed in water, while the day ends and starts again.

And here you can let your mind go, telling so many extraordinary stories, watching life pass.


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