Flight and Hotel in Fuerteventura

Flight package and hotels in Fuerteventura

Opportunities for a safe holiday

Fuerteventura is a fascinating and poetic island, with tropical parareens in the southern center, kilometric beaches to the north, east and west and rugged inland valleys.

The island was formed following the eruption of the grand volcanoes, now nestled among the soft sand dunes of the Parque National Dunas de Corralejo.

The coastal cities, developed in the last twenty years at dizzy speed, are swarming with tourists both north and south, with the small pearls, Corralejo and Morro Jable, full of life and opportunities to have fun. On the other hand, the interior of Fuerteventura is arid, poorly populated and has landscapes between the lunar and the martian, inducing introspection and respect for the strength of the place. The splits that open up to two meters in the ground (example, the Caldereta) seem to recall small canyons, in which you can walk in amazement.

The offers of travel agencies for Fuerteventura

There are many agencies that offer all-inclusive packages for a holiday on this unmissable island.

Generally you should agree that the total amount will be slightly higher, compared to the sum of purchases per flight, hotel (or apartment) and car. Of course, while on the one hand you will need only one reservation, on the other the time spent to find the “winning” combination can be huge, and maybe could give you some bitter surprise.

For this reason the option of the holiday packageis very widespread: the hotels and the travel companies are screened by the agencies, which have very strict quality standards and reduce the “surprises” almost to zero (flight cancellation).

There are possibilities for all budgets, from the five-star Hotel to the simple and clean apartment, you only have to choose the one best suited to you.

The agencies for Fuerteventura

Besides the well-known Expedia, Trivago, edreams and Lastminute, one of the youngest companies is offering very interesting packages for a super holiday in Fuerteventura. I refer to Logitravel, which in this period, between September and October, is proposing very interesting packages including flight less than €100/day in five-star Hotel in the most scenic areas of the island.


My advice is, any offer you decide to look at, document yourself on the area where you will be, on the services and on the nearby facilities.

Look at the maps to see how far is the holiday destination from what you want to visit. Choose a strategic point for your stay and you will be satisfied throughout your holiday.

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