La Noche De San Juan in Fuerteventura – Info & Traditions!

From Celtic culture to Today: Tradition continues…

A special night for Corralejo the one between the 23rd and 24th of June, where the Noche de San Juan is celebrated!

The tradition goes back to Celtic culture. In fact, these people worshipped the Sun and organized a feast in the summer Solstice where they lit bonfires that are still characteristic of this tradition today.

The fires were used by the “Druids” (Celtic priests) to purify cattle and defend them from disease. It also served, according to tradition, to help the Sun “Do not lose strength” and to ward off evil.

This pagan festival has therefore ancient origins. Over time, in fact, the festival has adapted to the beliefs of Christians, Jews and Muslims who celebrate the summer solstice together.

It has become a universal celebration and every culture does it in its own way.


Noche de San Juan – Puerto del Rosario 2018


Superstitions that were used (in some cases still today) in Fuerteventura for the Noche de San Juan.

This very popular party led the Majoreros to some interesting superstitions…let’s see some of them!

  • It was the right time to look for a partner! The women who had several suitors had to write the names of the various suitors in separate sheets of paper, close them and dip them all in a container of water. The next day, the paper that had opened the most was the name of the future husband!
  • It was time to know if in the future you would become rich… or poor! In fact, some Majoreri picked potatoes on the eve of San Juan, some peeled them and others did not and put them under the bed. During the magical night, with their eyes closed, they would pick one up. If they picked a peeled potato…they would have remained poor, but if they picked a peeled potato, they would have become rich!
  • Women used to put flowers in a bucket of water on the eve and the next day they would wash with flavored water, imagine why? Yes, just to keep their beauty longer!
  • Then 12 piles of salt were put on a table, corresponding to the 12 months of the year. Water was poured over them, and those that melted the most water were considered the best months…those that remained intact were considered the hardest months!

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How is the noche de San Juan celebrated in Fuerteventura today?

Noche de San Juan – Puerto del Rosario

There are many events, every year, for this important party. Throughout the island from Corralejo to Morro Jable there are several events and manifestations, with fire shows and more!


Noche de San Juan: Video


If you live in Fuerteventura or are on the island between the 23rd and 24th of June, don’t miss this Fiesta!


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