The Wind in Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura: Is it really so windy?

The wind in Fuerteventura is a topic much discussed among tourists on holiday: they’re divided between surfers, kitesurfers, water sports lovers who seek the most windy period and families or couples who come on holiday to seek the tranquility of the beach.

The first discussion and answer is in the very name of the island:

Fuerte-Ventura: Ventura-Fuerte meaning strong wind, or so it seems.

From here the first debate opens: is this really the meaning of the word Fuerteventura?

There are four different theories on the origin of the name, but all are in common accord on the word “fuerte” which means in Italian “strong”. Meanwhile no one can confirm the true origin and meaning of the word “Ventura” which according to the different theories can mean:





The wind in Fuerteventura is there…. and I would add, fortunately!

In the hottest summer periods, in fact, without the wind there would be a warm weather, perceived very sulky and annoying! Instead, during the summer, thanks to the wind you perceive a more pleasant and “springly” temperature. For lovers of walks and exploration on volcanoes that is the ideal period of the year.

But let’s say that again: is it really so windy?

It is really difficult to predict and define whether at a certain amount of time of the specific year, for a week or 15 days, there will be or not a strong wind.

But we can say that at certain times of the year it is stronger: for example, the period from April to August is particularly windy, therefore ideal for those who practise water sports such as surfing, kitesurfing and windsurfing.

It is not by chance that Fuerteventura hosts every July the World Windsurfing Championship in the south of the island – in Jandia.

The best time for those looking for a quiet holiday in Fuerteventura.

If you are a beach traveller and want to enjoy the paradisiacal beaches of one of the most beautiful Canary Islands, you can choose the period from September, October and November.

In these months the wind is much calmer (in some cases absent) and you can enjoy the wonderful beaches without being disturbed by the wind.

Is Fuerteventura more windy than the other Canary Islands?

Probably yes, compared to some areas of Tenerife and Gran Canaria. It can be said that it is more windy, just alike Lanzarote that being closer has a very similar climate. But it always depends very specifically on the area and the period in which you’ll find yourself having a vacation or an exploring trip.

Wind in Fuerteventura in winter: December, January and February

Generally this period is characterized by winds that have a speed between 10 km/h and 28 km/h. Especially in this period where temperatures are lower than in spring and summer the wind can be more annoying for those looking for tranquility at the beach.

Wind in Fuerteventura in summer: June, July and August

This period is probably the windier of all year. The temperature rises, and the winds run faster. Fortunately it’s a session when the wind refreshes the temperature and therefore creates a climatic condition and a perfect perceived temperature.

Beware for those who go to the beach during this period, very important to have a good sunscreen to protect themselves.

Wind in Fuerteventura in autumn: September, October and November

My favorite period, when it arrives September is the time to have a nice swim and nice days on the beach to relax: the sea is calm, crystal clear and perfect for snorkeling.

The wind in this period is low, the temperature lowers compared to summer but continues to be perfect to go to the beach and enjoy the wonderful Atlantic Ocean.

Wind in Fuerteventura in spring: March, April and May

In this period the winds are very variable according to other climatic conditions. You can find very windy days as well as you can find days with calm and pleasant wind.


Concluding the speech, then you can say that Fuerteventura is a windy island indeed, but thanks to the wind manages to create a perfect climatic condition, virtually most of the year.

For those who complain about the wind in Fuerteventura

If you are deciding whether to come on holiday or not to Fuerteventura, the wind should not affect your choice.

There are plenty of activities, excursions, walks to do, volcanoes to visit that await you.

The wind is part of this island.

The set of land, water, fire and wind that is there in Fuerteventura generates this unique and wonderful experience. Without the wind it would not be Fuerteventura.
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