Vademecum for Italians in Fuerteventura

How to live happily in Fuerteventura

Acting as an Italian or not?

The inhabitants of longstanding, here in Fuerteventura, might think that the Italians are all dirty parasites, arrived on the island because of the mirage of savings, the VAT contained, the taxes are right and not vexatiy: the shitty little leeches that have not other thing to do than ruining their land by importing the typical mentality from tax evader, cunning neighborhood, cheapy “mafioso” and improvised shop-owner.
They might, or they can: or they think without conditions.

The Italian in the Canary Islands complains.

I often heard the “majoreros” (fuerteventura spanish residents) talking to each other, saying how tired they are of hearing our heavy lamentation on the Italian misrule.
Uh, we’re actually like that.
We are so happy to be here, that when they ask us “How come you moved?”, we think about how much we lived wrong before, the nightmare from which we escaped.

We are finally away from a particularly inept government, made up of professional thugs.

We forget that, if we chose this island, it is to rediscover our poetry, the art of “living with little”: playing with our children, making love with our women and taking the time to drink a few cheap beers looking at the ocean.

Paradoxically just like in some small village of the Italian coast.

We’re sort of home-escaped.

The fear of having to be forced to return, makes us talk about the worst things from which we have basically escaped, yes. Needless to deny it.
We are escaped from the house, like guys who are beyond the control of too strict parents, or too disinterested to understand us.
We arrived here to return young people, run on the beach, play the guitar, work with a smile for the right pay and thank the good God for all the beautiful colors that shows us every day.
We are here to start living in a cleaner society, respecting women and children, supportive and serene.
We’re here because we can’t stand that our fathers whip us, our mothers are forced to make whores and plus they get three quarters of our earnings out of our hands, spating on the rest.
We are here in spite of the love for our land, which we have helped to ruin by not affecting the consequences of our actions.
Because even turning your eyes leaving a crime unpunished, is an action.
Let’s try to remember that.

Tips for a new chance in Fuerteventura!

Let’s try not to soil this land with subterfuge and stupid cunning and let us serve others with our innate ability to solve problems and help people.

The art of getting along is typically Italian, but there are so many opportunities to be able to build something worthwhile to be proud of, that I feel I can advise you to focus on your professionalism, your passion for your work, or the talent that you have always left dormant.

Unfortunately there are Italians who have speculated on real estate, kicking off an escalation of prices on properties that in certain areas of the island is almost uncontrollable.

And again, there are Italians who have sold properties of which they did not even have the title, or others who have subrented apartments (or even only the rooms) at twice the price of the real established rent.

So the majoreros may be right (I have already listed some anti-pathetic story, unfortunately), but we are “Italians good people”, as a very popular saying says.
Let’s prove it’s really like that, and let’s end it with the idiot acting like ticks.


Fuerteventura is an island that gives great opportunities, if only you are able to go beyond the aspect related to speculation, so-called business and cunning.

You should decide to move to the Canary Islands just if you agree that you’re going away from a world tighted in a terrible economic-social vise.

The poetry of the ocean, the desert sands, the wonderful climate throughout the year, the wind that caresses the skin and the arid volcanic hinterland, move feelings of protection and gratitude that make us change, improve, appreciate more the nature of Fuerteventura and our living next to it.

That is why you have to decide to stay, not speculation.

When Fuerteventura will be entered into you, you will get into Fuerteventura. We are waiting:)

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