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What’s the weather in Fuerteventura? Weather in Fuerteventura The island of eternal spring-Fuerteventura If you’re wondering what time you’ll find in Fuerteventura, Corralejo, Puerto del Rosario or Morro jable and Costa Calma, you’re probably planning a vacation on the island and want to know what to pack. Or you’re thinking of moving in and just …

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La Oliva: Tourist town in the north of Fuerteventura What to see in the north of Fuerteventura: the town hall of La Oliva Located in the north of Fuerteventura, island of the famous Canary Islands archipelago, the town hall of La Oliva divides between several countries, including: La Oliva, capital of the Municipo-1,295 inhabitants Corralejo, …

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Canary Islands Climate: is there the sun all year round? With this article I’d like to point out a detail that many people have not understood about the climate of the Canary Islands. Is there the sun all year round in Canary Islands? The false myth of this climate. Many think that the climate is …

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Fuerteventura International Airport Specifications The international Airport of Fuerteventura (FUE), owned by Aena, is the main tourist and commercial entrance and ascent route: it represents a great engine for the economy of the island. It is 5 km away from the capital town, Puerto del Rosario, in the area of El matorral. It was built …

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Flight package and hotels in Fuerteventura Opportunities for a safe holiday Fuerteventura is a fascinating and poetic island, with tropical parareens in the southern center, kilometric beaches to the north, east and west and rugged inland valleys. The island was formed following the eruption of the grand volcanoes, now nestled among the soft sand dunes …

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Fuerteventura: Is it really so windy? The wind in Fuerteventura is a topic much discussed among tourists on holiday: they’re divided between surfers, kitesurfers, water sports lovers who seek the most windy period and families or couples who come on holiday to seek the tranquility of the beach. The first discussion and answer is in …

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El Cotillo, poetry and wild nature Journey into the cradle of tranquility This characteristic town was born as a fishing village, similar to the nearby Majanicho. Initially its name was Puerto del Roque (port of the tower), but the inhabitants moved towards the interior of the island escaping from the raids of the pirates. Now …

Betancuria, the Cradle of History In the hinterland of Fuerteventura How to get to Betancuria There are several ways to get to Betancuria. If you are in Corralejo or El Cotillo, follow the signs for La Oliva: pass the city and after a few kilometers turn right, following the indications for Tefia. Climb up to …

How to live happily in Fuerteventura Acting as an Italian or not? The inhabitants of longstanding, here in Fuerteventura, might think that the Italians are all dirty parasites, arrived on the island because of the mirage of savings, the VAT contained, the taxes are right and not vexatiy: the shitty little leeches that have not …

The Enchanted Country Travel in the history of Fuerteventura Among the “strong (fuerte) – adventures” that you can try on the island, there are the long dirt trails to be done by car, to explore the wild inland landscapes or the oceanic coasts. One of these is the route that connects Corralejo with El Cotillo, …

Fuerteventura, Canary Islands The eternal spring, the nature, the desert. I happened to live Fuerteventura by chance, looking for a destination to take a vacation out of the normal circuit. I had heard a friend talk about the views and beaches of this wonderful resort, so I decided and in the far 2013 I did …

What to see in Fuerteventura The best destinations selected by the Blog Fuerteventura is not only an island for sea lovers. Of course, the long beaches that embrace the coast are all to see and enjoy, but for those looking for some particular route here are some excursions that we recommend to do to enjoy …

Come vivere felici a Fuerteventura Comportarsi da Italiano o no? Gli abitanti di lunga data, qui a Fuerteventura, potrebbero pensare che gli italiani siano tutti degli sporchi parassiti, giunti sull’isola per via del miraggio del risparmio, l’IVA contenuta, le tasse giuste e non vessatorie: o anche delle merdose sanguisughe che non hanno altro da fare …